Specialising in leadership and management from an evidence-based perspective, SPJ Consulting supports organisations and people to succeed in an increasingly competitive environment.


Sarah is a people orientated, values driven person which supports her approach to business. She is able to quickly develop an understanding of the wider business perspective and future goals whilst retaining a practical approach to everyday challenges. An aptitude for critical analysis and multi-perspective thinking enables creative problem solving. 

Sarah works with businesses to develop bespoke programmes. She takes time to get to know the organisation and its people in order that her recommendations drive performance whilst also being practically attainable. Not only will she design your programme, she will stay with you through implementation and as outcomes unfold. 

Working with Sarah facilitates strategic planning, change manangement, and working through complex problems. It allows executive teams to engage in group and personal reflection, gain perspective, and protect long term working relationships.


Sarah has significant teaching experience. She became a clinical mentor early in her career and has been committed to supporting others to develop their skills and expertise ever since. She delivers conference lectures and seminars on her specialist subjects together with interactive workshops and small group sessions.

Bespoke programmes can be developed to meet specific needs including training for executive, management, clinical, and support teams. Sarah also writes academic papers and articles for various publications.


Evidence-based practice is about improving decision making through the conscientious, explicit and judicious use of the best available evidence from multiple sources.

Sources of evidence might include academic research but other forms of information are equally valid and important. For example, internal business data, personal experience and judgement, and the views, values and concerns of those the decision affects. Sarah adopts this approach because it represents a pragmatic way to make better decisions that significantly improve business performance.

Sarah is a Fellow of the Center for Evidence-Based Management (CEBMa), a non-profit member organisation dedicated to promoting evidence-based practice in the field of management. The CEBMa website provides very useful and accessible information on this subject: